Church Groups

Prayer Shawl Knitters

This group meets on Monday afternoons from 1pm – 3pm in Sarah’s office to create shawls for persons in our faith community. Although currently on hiatus for the summer, they will reconvene Fall 2017!

Men’s Group

men's01The Men’s Group is a relaxed affiliation of the men of Eastminster who meet around barbeques, bowling alleys, golf courses, the occasional pool table, and, of course, food!

Famous for their Easter breakfasts and foodie fundraisers, the Men’s Group gathers three or four times a year to share fellowship and to take on such tasks as they are called upon by the congregation to do. Open to all men of Eastminster, those who wish to join are invited to come out the next time the group is called together. Watch the weekly bulletin or the men's breakfastonline calendar for future events!

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