About Us

Most of the congregation of Eastminster United Church lives within easy walking distance of our building at the corner of Jackman and Danforth in central Toronto. This heritage church with its grand and airy sanctuary, also houses a 1922 gymnasium and bowling alley. Clearly, our founders thought spiritual health was just one part of a well-rounded life. True to its original design, to this day Eastminster serves as both a lively church and an important community centre. Visit through the week and you could stumble upon a yoga class, overhear a children’s acting workshop, attend a political debate, or soak up voices raised in choir practise — all in a single day.about-parachute

We are, by church standards, a young congregation with most of us in the pews between the ages of 39 and 69. Our congregation is welcoming of all genders and sexual orientations and includes people from many backgrounds and all walks of life – artists, musicians, authors, business people, tradespeople, educators, medical and legal professionals, architects, retirees, civic employees, service workers, the under-employed and unemployed, bankers, accountants, entrepreneurs, and youth.

Our reasons for making Eastminster our spiritual home are as diverse as we are. Some were drawn here by Eastminster’s proven commitment to social justice and forward-thinking theology, and others by the sense of tradition found in a neighbourhood institution that is over 105 years old. Some chose us for our relaxed style and others for our vibrant and engaging music program. Some chose us for all the above.

But what truly unites us, is our shared sense of community. We are all on a journey of faith. We believe in a God who has created and is creating, who works within us and in others by the spirit.

We live in God’s world — and we are here to look after it and each other.

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